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Everything You Need to Know about Destiny 2

Jack Gardner



Today, Bungie held their explosive worldwide reveal of Destiny 2's gameplay. The event showed the opening mission of the game, titled Homecoming, in action as well as a new trailer and plenty of details on what Destiny 2 will do differently from the original Destiny.  


The event opened with a neat backstory trailer, which you can see here at 14:10 of the livestream. This new bit of story follows Zevala, one of the Guardian Vanguard, as he is resurrected to be a defender of humanity. He fights and dies and then fights again. We see him helping to build the Tower and securing the city... but all of that is just set up before the fall that begins Destiny 2. 


With just that cinematic, it's clear that Destiny 2 will be more focused on story and building up characters. Luke Smith, Destiny 2's director, took the stage to confirm that Destiny 2 would be tackling many things differently than its predecessor, really hammering home that this was a fresh start for both the franchise and its fans. Smith laid out the the number one priority of Destiny 2's vision by saying, "this is about having a story you can relate to. It's about having characters you want to hang out with, characters you want to work with. This is about having enemies, of course enemies, that you want to face. it's about the way we build our environments at Bungie. We want to create experiences that make you want to seek what's around every corner."




The second focus of Destiny 2 will be to provide players with a robust assortment of activities. Exploration has been reworked to include side-missions, treasure maps, global objective events, and more. Those side-missions will have a storytelling focus involving vocal NPCs and send players into Lost Sectors, dungeons that are filled with enemies, loot, and bosses.


They have also reworked how PvP will work in Destiny 2. In the upcoming incarnation of the Crucible, all PvP will take place in 4v4 matches. The HUD has been changed to include information on opponents, such as their loadouts and whether their super ability is ready to fire. There will be new game modes, such as the now revealed Countdown mode - the first attack-defend game type. There will be new strikes, a new raid, and more. Players will be able to launch all of these new things while exploring the alien worlds of Destiny 2 without going into orbit.


Speaking of the planets, Destiny 2's campaign, titled The Red War Campaign, consist of Earth, Titan, Io, and Nessus. The Earth area is known as the EDZ (European Dead Zone) and it represents the largest in-game space Bungie has designed to date by a factor of two. This is where humanity has retreated to after the fall of Tower. Titan is an oceanic moon on which humanity built massive stations during its golden age. Now the Titan stations are slowly falling into its waters. The Vex have infested Nessus and transformed it into a new machine world covered in their technology and weaponry. Finally, Io stands as a holy world for Destiny 2's warlocks. It was once touched by the Traveler and now presents a number of mysteries that could aid Guardians in their fight to reclaim Earth. 



The final part of Destiny 2's vision is always having someone with whom to play. Luke Smith estimates that about 50% of Destiny players weren't able to access the multiplayer endgame content like raids or high level strikes. This was largely due to Destiny lacking a matchmaking system. Bungie made the choice to drop matchmaking for Destiny because they believed the toxic nature of gaming communities could lead to too many terrible experiences for players if they were matched with strangers. In Destiny 2, they feel as if they have a solution.


Clans will be directly integrated into Destiny 2. Players will be able to fill their own rosters, create clan banners, and fashion descriptions of their respective clans. Bungie plans to implement a reward system that will benefit everyone in the clan when players collectively achieve goals. Not everyone will have to be a part of a clan to care about the clan system. In order to solve the matchmaking conundrum, Bungie has created what they call Guided Games. Solo players looking to raid will be able to pick clans with which they want to play. Clan descriptions can be perused to find good groups of players. This will, in effect, work as a sort of matchmaking curation directed by each player. In Bungie's view, this acts as a win-win. Clans will be able to fill empty spots and solo players will be able to access that endgame content. 




Bungie showed a portion of the Homecoming mission. Players experience the attack on Tower first hand as fleets of ships deploy troops and artillery bombardments. This slice of gameplay displayed the new class super abilities in action. Hunters can summon the Dawnblade, a fiery sword that grants players the ability to fly, slice enemies, and shoot plasma slices into the distance. Titans can make use of the Sentinel, a shield that both protects its bearer and can be thrown to serve as a powerful attack that ricochets between enemies. Lastly, Warlocks have the ability to summon the Arcstrider, a mystical monk staff empowered by electrical energy that sends its wielder with acrobatic combat energy. 


The story of Destiny 2 follows the aftermath of a major invasion of an alien called Dominus Gall, the leader of the Red Legion. Gall is an extremist who believes the Traveler chose poorly when it selected humanity to receive its power. He aims to take that power away and use it for its own ends. In taking that power, he destroys the Tower, the last safe human city on Earth.


Destiny 2 is a game about loss and then recovery. Players will be starting fresh, having lost everything. The main objectives will be to reunite the leaders of the Guardians, the Vanguard, who have scattered across the solar system. In finding the Vanguard, players will hone and recover their abilities, perhaps building up enough power to challenge Gall. The game will include more cinematics than Bungie has ever created before and more story missions, all in service to the more narrative focused approach the studio is taking for the follow up to Destiny.   




To cap it all off - Destiny 2 will be available on PC for the first time. That's not news, but now we know how Destiny 2 will be available: Blizzard. Bungie is working with Activision to create Destiny 2 and Activision is calling in Blizzard to support the title via Battle.net. People interested in buying Destiny 2 on PC will only be able to buy it through Blizzard's platform to exist alongside games like StarCraft 2, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch.  


The Destiny 2 Beta will launch sometime this summer, so be sure to free up the 68Gb of space needed to store the game on your hard drives!


You can watch the entire livestream of Bungie's event below.



Destiny 2 officially launches for PS4 and Xbox One on September 8. The PC version doesn't have an official release set. Bungie says that they want to do the PC version right, so it is possible the PC version of Destiny 2 will be released sometime after September 8. 

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So excited! Haven't gotten to play 1, but I love the art style and direction, and as a PC gamer I'm certainly willing to use the BNet launcher more. I'll be playing!

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