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Enigami Teases Upcoming Action-RPG Shiness

Jack Gardner



A new action-RPG from the indie studio Enigami is on the way and has several new screenshots to prove it. You can view the full gallery on the Extra Life Facebook page.


Players will be able to explore the world of Mahera from its floating cities to its cavernous depths. The French indie RPG centers on the journey of Chado, a young man who is able to commune with a powerful nature spirit called the Shiness and his quest to reunite the fractured lands of Mahera. On this journey, Chado will be helped by four other playable characters: Poky, a master engineer; Kayenne, the psychic warrior; Rosalya, a fire magic user; and Askel, the whip wielding mercenary. With each of these characters, players can use their unique mechanics to traverse the world or participate in dynamic 1v1 combat duels. 


Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom releases sometime later this year for unannounced platforms and PC.

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