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Elite Dangerous: Horizons to Allow Planet Exploration and Character Creation

Jack Gardner


Horizons is the new season of content updates for the space-faring combat/exploration/trading sim. Frontier has announced that players will soon be able to explore planets and moons up close. This is part of their desire to bring the galaxy they've created down to a more human, relatable scale. To a similar end, they will soon be introducing character creation, something that the original release lacked (as the were precious few instances of getting that close to another player and it was impossible to leave ships). Frontier has teased that they have long-term plans for these avatars, but hasn't said exactly what those plans entail. 

A new addition to gameplay mechanics will allow players to cooperatively pilot ships, alternating control of weapons systems or even piloting ship-based starfighters using the new feature that allows for that. Ship-launched fighters can also be piloted by AI for players who tackle the universe solo. 

As a fun, little addition, players can now incorporate bobbleheads into their cockpits.

Recently, Frontier took to the stage at EGX to talk in greater detail about the upcoming expansions to their game and it all sound really interesting and cool. Though the game has been only available on PC up until now, Elite Dangerous is making the leap to Xbox One next week. 


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