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Eastward Resurfaces for Nintendo Switch with a Stunning New Trailer

Jack Gardner



Having been in development since 2015, Eastward's train finally seems poised to pull into the station. A new trailer has been released pinning the visually unique indie RPG down to a 2020 release window and revealing that the title will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Developer Pixpil's latest peek at the world of Eastward reveals a stunning landscape rich with character and incredible animated details. 


We last saw Eastward at the beginning of 2018 when Chucklefish, the publisher behind Eastward, Starbound, and Stardew Valley, released an impressive announcement trailer. With the reveal of Eastward, we learned that it tells the story of John, a miner who uncovers a scientific facility while working his claim. Inside the dark facility, John encounters Sam, a strange white-haired young girl. This discovery sets the pair on a journey across the ruins of a world plagued by monsters. Their adventure will take them through towns where the remnants of humanity band together for survival, scavenging resources from ruins and creating bold new technologies. The mysteries behind Sam's origins propels the story forward as John struggles to care for the young child and get them through just one more day.   


A new trailer surfaced at Gamescom offers such an intriguing look into the world of Eastward. A pristine train takes viewers through a world where a boat has been made into a salvaged house on top of a mountain, complete with a beached whale on its roof. Bustling tent markets sit among the ruins of metropolises, with some stalls run by steampunk androids. We watch as John leads Sam through a wilderness populated by aggressive vultures and multi-legged mushrooms. Skeletons with gatling guns, rampaging mechanical monstrosities, carnivorous snake plants, flaming slugs, sentient bundles of electrical cords, and a robotic eyeball boss all inject Eastward with a sense of danger and wonder. 



The combat shown so far seems to revolve around John swinging his frying pan into monsters, dodging attacks, and solving puzzles. There are brief snippets of John wielding a shotgun and charging up a melee attack, but the lack of focus on the battle mechanics implies Eastward has other ambitions. While we haven't seen nearly enough of the game yet, Eastward's priority seems to be presenting a narrative journey through a world rich with detail and history. We see glimpses of charismatic supporting characters like Alva and the antagonistic Mayor Huffman along with a slew of unnamed and intriguing characters. 


Pixpil set out to create a modern pixel game that took inspiration from Earthbound and The Legend of Zelda as well as more recent releases like The Last of Us. Eastward seems like a near-perfect realization of that goal. Shockingly gorgeous, imaginative, and armed with an intriguing narrative, Eastward should be on your radar. It's clearly something special.


Eastward releases in 2020 for PC and Nintendo Switch.  


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