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EA Details Madden 17's Franchise Features

Marcus Stewart

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Each year, EA Tiburon introduces tweaks and enhancements to its annual football title, and this year is no different. This time around, some additions aim to streamline the experience for casual players while others provide rabid enthusiasts with new play-calling and team management tools.


A new Play the Moment option offers an express version of a full game and season. While activated, Franchise players can simulate an entire season in just a few days. Play the Moment also lets players sit out on all the nitty-gritty gameplay by allowing them to only engage during exciting moments such as critical third downs and similar clutch plays. Of course, those who would rather play a game of football from kickoff to the final whistle can simply deactivate Play the Moment.


More strategic players can create tailor-made strategies to enhance players' strengths (and exploit opponent weaknesses) using Franchise gameplanning. A Big Decision feature presents crucial staff decisions such as contract negotiations, signing new athletes, and returning injured players to the field. Calling all of this action is a new commentary team comprised of Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis.


PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Madden 17 feature top community requests such as full player editing and practice squad. Additionally, Xbox One EA Access members interested in taking Madden 17 through some practice drills prior to release will be happy to know that the game will be available for play via a Play First Trial on that platform only. Madden 17 releases for both current and last generation consoles as well as PC on August 23.

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