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Dystopian Cyberpunk Shooter 2084 Releases on Early Access

Jack Gardner

Feardemic 2084 Computer Scream.jpg


Players can now get their hands on 2084 a new first-person shooter with horror elements from the newly formed Feardemic development studio. The game follows the exploits of junior researcher Laura Lofi as she navigates an ever more deadly maze of horrors at the behest of her employer, Chiron Incorporated. Laura relies on hacking, gunplay, and her wits to stay one step ahead of the crazed hordes of infected civilians looking to nibble on the surviving members of society. Imprisoned by Chiron, possibly for her own safety, Laura will have to overcome the world of 2084 for a chance to see the outside world once again. 


2084 delivers an aggressively bleak vision of the future. Set in the Fifth Polish Republic, a horrible plague has swept through the country and decimated the population. Even worse, the infected become violent killers willing to sacrifice their own lives just to rip apart those still untainted with the disease. The futuristic cyber enhancements the majority of the population has installed in their bodies compounds the issue, making modified humans even more dangerous in their delirious state. 


With Cyberpunk 2077 looming on the horizon, the dystopian techno-future has become all the rage. Feardmic's FPS, only now entering Steam's Early Access development phase, hopes to capitalize on that trend with a slick action experience and psychedelic, beautifully messy imagery. The team expects to fully release the commercial version sometime in 2020. That might seem like a long way, but the Feardemic will regularly update the game with more content, story, and gameplay expansions in the time between now and final release. The title will be discounted 15% for a limited time to encourage people to give it a shot during this Early Access period. 



Feardemic burst onto the scene last year and exists as a wholly owned property of Bloober Team SA, the company behind the critically well received Observer and Layers of Fear. The studio initially developed 2084 as part of a 72-hour game jam held within the company. The central hacking mechanic captured the team's attention since it forced players to think quickly and react when given the small window to gain the upperhand while blasting away at the zombified masses. The CEO of Feardemic, Martin Kawa, made a case for how far the game has come and where it will go saying, "The Early Access version of the game is fully functioning and we have been receiving great feedback from players on both the story mode and on Chiron’s endless training arena mode. In the latter, foes are numerous and ammunition is scarce, forcing players to hone their shooting skills and reaction times to gain an advantage and climb up the leaderboard.”


The television-headed zombie-like enemies, the hacking in-combat mechanics, and the presentation of the story scenes in the Steam Early Access trailer all come across as incredibly compelling. Those touches put 2084 on an elevated playing field compared with the conga line of arena shooters that have released onto the Steam store over the years. There's effort and skill on display, though whether that pays off in a refined gameplay experience and cohesive narrative remains to be seen until the final release. Until then, Feardemic seems to have a solid grasp on a vision for 2084 and have added yet another worthwhile digital game to 2018's amazing year of video games. 


2084 is available on PC through Steam Early Acce- oh, 2084! Like 1984, but a century ahead! I get it now! Neat. 


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