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Dream Daddy: Dadrector's Cut Coming Next Week

Jack Gardner



Dream Daddy, a dating sim about a cul-de-sac inhabited by a bevy of dads who may or may not be looking for romance, released last year for PCs. Computer gamers the world over rejoiced in the quality dating sim adventures of a dorky dad being a nerd with his daughter and finding love in the most unlikely places. It was quite good


Now, the PlayStation 4 is poised to receive a port of the best dad dating experience out there when Dream Daddy: Dadrector's Cut releases next week on October 30. The updated title restores content cut from the initial release of Dream Daddy, along with new sidequests, and a new mini game. Players will even be able to play through the various mini games on their own without trucking through the full dating sim itself. Basically, there will be more doggone derpy dad moments and that's always a good thing.



The Dadrector's Cut will also be available as a free expansion to players who already own the game for PC, giving everyone an opportunity to hop into the pastel worlds of dads and daughters one more time. 


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