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Dragon Ball FighterZ Second Season Brings Six New Fighters

Jack Gardner



Dragon Ball FighterZ, the fantastic fighting game from Arc System Works, will be getting a second season of DLC. Following the Red Bull Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament, the developers revealed a handful of the characters that will be making appearances in the arena. Four of the six fighters coming in the second season were revealed in the trailer released by Arc System Works.


The first two characters shown is Videl, the energetic fighter who captured the heart of Goku's son, Gohan. She enters brings a number of flashy moves and flying kicks along with the assistance of The Great Saiyaman, Gohan's alternate superhero identity. The two fighters actually work as one character to unleash a world of pain and justice upon their foes. The trailer depicts Videl's combos mixing nicely with the Saiyan powers of The Great Saiyaman. The duo feel like a great, fun nod to Dragon Ball's history.


Jiren, Goku's awe-inspiringly powerful opponent from the most recent arc of the Dragon Ball Super anime, will also join the fray. With his massive physique and brutal energy blasts, he has the ability to decimate opponents with unparalleled speed and precision. Fans of the anime will be chomping at the bit to see how he stacks up to the characters already established in the game. Yamcha versus Jiren, anyone? 



The final two fighters to be revealed in the trailer both hail from the recent Dragon Ball Super: Broly film. While Broly has already been added into Dragon Ball FighterZ, a different version of the maximum power Saiyan will be added in based on the redesigned and revamped Broly that appeared in the movie. The other fighter will be Gogeta, the fused form of Goku and Vegeta that was able to fight Broly on more equal footing in the film. For that part of the trailer, we are only shown footage from the actual movie and not in-game footage. 


Arc System Works will release Videl and Jiren on January 31 with Gogeta and Broly following in the near future. Who the last two fighters might be remains a mystery, but it's a safe bet that when Gogeta and Broly are released we'll get a reveal and possibly a release date for them. Who do you think will make their way into the most successful Dragon Ball game in history?



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