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Double Dragon Trilogy Releases on Good Old Games, GOG Creates Speedrun Contest

Jack Gardner



Good Old Games released the Double Dragon Trilogy through their online store today. GOG customers will be able to play with their friends even if their friends own copies of Double Dragon Trilogy on Steam through GOG Galaxy' cross-play functionality. As always, the title is DRM-free. Interestingly, GOG also decided to put together a speedrun competition for Double Dragon 2: The Revenge! 


Here is how the contest will work: 

Jump on Twitch and broadcast your attempts at beating the game in the fastest way possible - from the opening screen, up to the moment that the last boss bites the dust ("Original" difficulty). Make sure you have the "automatically archive my broadcasts" option toggled on under settings. Save your best run as a Twitch stream highlight or export it to YouTube and send us the link at contest@gog.com with the subject "Double Dragon". Do not delete your original broadcast from the archive! You have until January 31, at 5:00pm GMT / 12:00pm EST / 9am PST to submit your entry.

If you need some inspiration, GOG streamed their resident speedrun champion as they beat the game in about an hour. Due to timezones (curse, you relativityyyyy!), the broadcast already concluded, but you can view the archived run here.  


The top three times submitted will receive some neat prizes from GOG and DotEmu, a digital retro game distributor similar to GOG. 


First place: An iPad 3 Mini and 9 GOG gift codes


Second place: A Mad Catz gaming Mouse + Keyboard combo and 6 GOG gift codes


Third place: An original Sega Master System Double Dragon game cartridge and 3 GOG gift codes


Remember, you have until January 31 to set your blisteringest, blazingest, most decidedly awesome time. Good luck and have fun! 

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