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Doom Trailer Shows Multiplayer Demons and Power Weapons

Jack Gardner



Have you ever been playing one of the previous Doom titles and wondered what it would be like to control the monstrosities that you encounter? Bethesda will finally give players the opportunity to live that daydream in multiplayer combat against other human adversaries. They have released a trailer showing off four of the playable demons along with a small selection of power-ups and power weapons that players can use to level the playing field. Chainsaw in the back? Check. BFG? Double check. Players will also be able to turn invisible and quadruple their damage with power-ups.


Doom appears to be well on the way to being a bloody good time, emphasis on the bloody. The trailer features several decapitations, jaw ripping, copious amounts of blood, and more. In terms of cathartic violence, it looks fantastic. However, it probably isn't the best game for children, which should shock absolutely no one familiar with the franchise.



Doom releases on May 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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MP is looking good, hectic. I am still not sure it is on my purchase list. 

MP is looking good, hectic. I am still not sure it is on my purchase list. 

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