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DICE Touts Battlefield 1's Dynamic Weather and Operations Clashes

Marcus Stewart

Battlefield 1 Dogfight.jpg


DICE showed of Battlefield 1's first gameplay trailer during EA Play's live event. The video highlighted the World War I-era shooter's standout features, such as behemoth vehicle assaults, dynamic weather, and refined destructibility.


Unpredictable, ever-changing weather conditions are designed to continually alter playstyles, presenting new gameplay options with each match. Elements such as rain and fog require players to approach the battlefield with different tactics to find new ways of engaging the enemy. DICE is also refining Battlefield's destructibility to further allow players to blast their own path through maps to invent unique strategies.


DICE revealed Operations, the multiplayer arena where players can take control of massive vehicles - dubbed "behemoths" - to turn the tide of conflicts in their favor. Air ships, battleships, and armored trains can be controlled to lay waste to scores of enemies and shift the momentum in the massive, interconnected clashes. The gameplay trailer was highlighted by an explosive dogfight between a zeppelin airship and a squad of fighter planes.


Battlefield 1 is getting an open beta later this summer for those looking to take a zeppelin for a test spin a few months early. Otherwise, circle October 28 as the date Battlefield 1 launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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