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Devolver Digital Brought the Madness with their E3 2018 Press Conference

Naomi N. Lugo


devolver digital e3 2018.png


In an anarchic fashion that we've come to know and love, Devolver Digital executed their 2018 press conference on June 10. At first we were greeted by a new host, Cinco Miller, the supposed CEO of Devolver Digital. Soon, the standard chaos unraveled, and we were met with a familiar, enraged face. Nina Struthers, as known from the previous year's conference, took over the stage and then proceeded to tear apart the common tropes of the video games industry. 


Struthers returned, and she definitely read/heard everyone's "unsolicited" feedback on the last press conference. Devolver then kept up the pace with their 2017 show, keeping components from the old while delivering a biting criticism with the new. All the while, they delivered the games that Devolver worked on for the new season.



The first game on the roster evolves the survival genre by adding mechanics to hopefully mirror real-world ailments like metabolism and gear wetness. It totes itself as a "supermax open world survival," with the goal of "long-term survival. The game is currently in pre-alpha and releases to Steam Early Access August 2018. There also was a brief teaser of zombie content at the end of the trailer.


Afterwards, Struthers unveiled the Lootbox Coin, a semi-fake currency with an oh-so-real price tag that fluctuated every hour. "You can't buy anything with it. In fact, it's insane for you to really buy it unless you want to prove your loyalty to Fork Parker, Nina Struthers, and the Devolver Digital executive board," says the Devolver website description. Sadly the coin isn't available at the publishing of this article.



Next up, a ballet bullet-hell game called My Friend Pedro. The description of the game only gives a partial view of what to expect from this game. "My Friend Pedro is a violent ballet about friendship, imagination, and one man’s struggle to obliterate anyone in his path at the behest of a sentient banana," says the Steam page for the game. Watching the trailer though will give a sense of how this game will flow.


During the conference, the trailer played with classical music accenting the dance-like movements of the playable character. Gameplay involved strategy as well as interesting uses of the environment like ricocheting bullets off of a frying pan and aiming while riding a skateboard. The game is set to release to the Switch and PC sometime in 2019.


Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to make a dig at the influx of mini-consoles, Struthers announced the launch of the Devolver Digital Entertainment System Classic, however it turned out to be a repainted Sega Dreamcast dashing our hopes and dreams.



The third and final game of the conference took the audience back to 2004 with the remake of the From Software title Metal Wolf Chaos XD. Metal Wolf Chaos XD matches the chaotic nature that inhabits Devolver Digital perfectly. There are giant mech robots, big guns and explosions with the teaser trailer setting it in the White House. The remake entails upgraded visuals, widescreen format and the classic voiceover. The game is coming to Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 later this year. 


Keeping up with the cinematics of it all, the Devolver 2018 Press Conference ended with a bang and an homage to '80s action movies. We won't spoil the ending here. To check out the full conference, check a look over at this link


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Edited by Naomi N. Lugo

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