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Destiny 2 Recently Patched Out "Bigboi" a Hilariously Bugged Boss Fight

Jack Gardner



Up until yesterday, Destiny 2 players were encountering a certain bug when trying to complete the Inverted Spire strike mission. Under certain conditions Protheon, the Modular Mind, would grow to over three times its original size making for one of the most unexpected and hilarious encounters in the game. 


Unfortunately the most recent update to Destiny 2 prevents Protheon from attaining his previous gains. The normal sized Protheon is still bigger than the player, but not awe-inducingly big. This has caused some fans to jokingly take up the hashtag #BringBackBigBoy as a way of requesting that the oversized alien come back in some form or fashion. 




We will see if Bungie decides to include some Bigboi easter eggs in future patches, which might not be as far fetched as one might think. Their response to the fans was to tweet out a video of the glitch in action and roll with the Bigboi name.  


"This week we fixed an issue where Protheon, Modular Mind, the boss of the Inverted Spire strike, grew three times his normal size. You asked for video evidence so here's your "bigboi" in action," read their tweet on the subject, followed by some jokes in the replies about how big the robot had become. 



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