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Destiny 2 Free for PC Players for a Limited Time

Jack Gardner



For a limited amount of time, PC gamers can download Destiny 2 for free. Beginning today, people logging onto will be able to snag Bungie and Activision's FPS with the click of a button. This offer continues until November 18. To avoid anyone trying to game the system for more than one copy, any new accounts created during this period will be required to enable Blizzard's SMS Protect feature before claiming the game


If you've already picked up Destiny 2 on PC, you'll be given an exclusive in-game emblem that commemorates Destiny 2 being available for a full year on The emblem, however, won't be available until December. 


From November 9-11 players will be able to try out Destiny 2: Forsaken's new 4v4 Gambit mode without purchasing the expansion.


“We know Destiny players that want to play on PC expect an amazing experience, whether it’s on their own or with their friends -- so, our paramount concern was to keep the discerning requirements of the PC community in mind, and welcoming the and Bungie PC communities together,” said Steve Cotton, Bungie's game director for the Forsaken expansion. He added, “With this gift we look forward to seeing new Guardians in our universe.”


You can redeem Destiny 2 as a gift by following this link


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