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Dead or Alive 6 Launches with Over $100 of Additional Content

Jack Gardner

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Dead or Alive 6 hits stores today and while fans of the long-running fighting game series can pick it up the base version for $60, there's over $100 of additional content locked off from the main game. As deep as we all are in the age of microtransactions and loot boxes, the price point for Dead or Alive 6's downloadable content has caused many to do double-takes. 


It's a pretty incredible price point to charge for additional content at launch, but maybe it's worth it? Those who purchase the deluxe edition of Dead or Alive 6 will have to shell out an extra $20. The deluxe edition comes with another character, Phase 4, an exclusive costume for series' mainstay Kasumi, 25 additional costumes, and three more tracks for the game's soundtrack.


If, however, you happen to be a super fan of Dead or Alive 6, you can opt to buy the game's Season Pass 1, which will cost $93. This season pass contains 52 costumes consisting of the Happy Wedding Costumes and the full Costume Pack, two new playable characters (one of which is Mai Shiranui), five costumes for each new character, and two costumes exclusive to Season Pass 1, NiCO's technomancer gear and a wrestling costume for Nyotengu. Whether or not that will all be worth it to someone who loves Dead or Alive 6 remains to be seen. Almost every negative user review posted so far lists the DLC pricing as a major part of their distaste for the fighting game. 


All told, to get everything available in-game for Dead or Alive 6 at launch will cost $113 on top of the $60 for the base game itself. And you see the number 1 in Season Pass 1? Koei Tecmo plans to release more season passes in the future. If this pricing is indicative of where Dead or Alive is going in the future, then fighting game fanatics could be looking at spending $266 for a second season pass if they want to own all of the game they love. 



On top of all that, there's the distinct possibility that Koei Tecmo will release more than a couple season passes, meaning fans could be asked to spend far more. Taking DLC pricing to the extreme isn't that far out of the norm as the free version of Dead or Alive 5, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round: Core Fighters, on Steam currently lists all of its DLC for nearly $1,300. That's, quite frankly, absurd and has some fans worried about the future of the venerable fighting series.  


What do you think? Is the DLC price point to high? Does the existence of DLC change how you think about a game? Let us know in the comments!


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