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Dead by Daylight is a Horror Movie Experience



If you liked playing hide and seek as a kid, then this game is the terrorized, fear induced version of that. Dead by Daylight puts five players into a junkyard in the woods, where one player is the killer and the rest are the survivors – that is, if they actually make it out alive.

The four survivors must find and turn on five generators to open a door to let them out of this nightmare, all the while avoiding traps, sneaking around structures, and avoiding the capture of the killer. The killer has only one job: keep the survivors from escaping.

I sat down to play this afternoon, and I felt like I was in a horror film. I tried the best I could to sneak through the grass, but the killer singled me out. I was dead and out of the game within the first two minutes, and I did not have the option to respawn. I tried one more time as a survivor, determined to make it out alive, but I think you can guess what happened.

What makes this game so unique is that the survivors are not allowed to talk to each other, or use any weapons to defend themselves. Their best asset is to walk slowly through the woods and not make any sound. Though you may think that playing the lone wolf card might make you a hero, it is absolutely necessary to work as a team in order to escape. You will have to rely on your fellow survivors to help you break out of traps and rebuild the generators.

Dead by Daylight is available now on Steam. 

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