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Cult Survival Horror Classic Pathologic Receives HD Remaster

Jack Gardner


If you're looking for something creepy and unnerving to play around Halloween, Pathologic Classic HD might just be the perfect choice. Players choose one of three doctors: The Bachelor, The Changeling, and The Haruspex. The Bachelor possesses a refined education, while The Changeling is a young girl who believes she can heal the sick with her hands. The third doctor, The Haruspex, has no education, just a natural talent and a penchant for twisted surgery. As one of those doctors, players arrive as strangers in town just as a the deadly Sand Plague breaks out and threatens to wipe out everyone.

Pathologic is interesting because, while its primary antagonist is the plague, the townspeople are capable of turning against the player as well. When players begin in town, all the residents have pre-existing relationships with one another, which governs how they behave and react toward the player. Each person has their own motivations and intentions and you can never be truly sure of anyone's true allegiances in town. As the residents of the town become ill and die, their relationships will be tested and their minds could break leading to panic, chaos, and even deadly violence. You cannot save everyone in Pathologic and no one will save you.

A decade after it's release as an indie oddity, Ice-Pick Lodge has gone back to fix and revamp their original work. Updated graphics and effects make the game look and run better on modern systems. A new translation of the script from its original Russian makes it easier to understand, while new voice overs give nuance to the characters. Ice-Pick Lodge is currently working on a complete redesign the classic Pathologic called Pathologic Remake. The remake will be completely different from their remaster, which captures the essence of what they envisioned the original game to be. Pathologic Remake will be released sometime next year. 

 Pathologic Classic HD is available today for PC.

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