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Critical Role's The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special Becomes a Series After Raising Over $5 Million

Jack Gardner

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With 43 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, Critical Role has raised almost $5.5 million to produce their animated special The Legend of Vox Machina. The original stretch goals for the project only went up as high as $3 million, so the team had to come up with additional goals for the campaign. To that end, Critical Role has announced that if they reach $5.75 million, they will begin animating the Briarwoods arc from Critical Role Season 1.


The original Kickstarter campaign, which began earlier this week, set out to create a 22-minute animated special. However, upon reaching $3 million, that 22-minute special had grown into a four episode series, with each episode containing 22 minutes of animation. Those four episodes contain The Legend of Vox Machina, a prequel series to the main events of the first season of Critical Role. The original cast will return to reprise their roles along with a slew of recognizable voice talent to fill out the world of Exandria's colorful characters. 


With over a month remaining in the campaign, there's little doubt that the campaign will reach its next goal of $5.75 million (in fact, it would be shocking if it didn't make that goal in the next few days). Once the Kickstarter begins breaking new stretch goals, the team will begin work on animating two additional episodes that will make up the beginning of the Briarwoods arc. This arc centers on the events that transpired in the town of Whitestone. Percy, one of the recurring members of the Vox Machina brings the party to the village to avenge the deaths of his family at the hands of the vile Briarwoods. If you want to watch the gameplay for this arc, it begins in Episode 24 of Critical Role.




Two additional stretch goals after $5.75 million will allow the team to cover the entirety of the arc with six animated episodes in addition to the four The Legend of Vox Machina episodes. On top of that, each goal will come with an additional on-shot campaign. The first will be a battle royale between guests that have appeared alongside the Vox Machina, and the second will be a game run by Ashley Johnson instead of Matt Mercer. The goals for these additional rewards haven't been revealed yet.


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