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Creators of Threes and Gravity Falls Team up to Release a Pixel Character Creator That Also Registers People to Vote

Jack Gardner



In an effort to make use of skills honed in game development, television, and beyond, Asher Vollmer, the mind behind Threes, Alex Hirsch, the guiding hand of Gravity Falls, and artist Paul Robertson worked together to create a tool to help people register to vote - and also opens up to a robust pixel art character creator.


The nifty Voter Hero website streamlines registering to vote. The two main options provided either register people to vote or helps to re-register (if, for example, you've moved since last registering). If you aren't sure if you've registered or need to register, Voter Hero helps walk people through the various steps of registering in their given state. If you don't know where your local polling station is located, Voter Hero directs you to that, too!




After making your way through all of that (or not, if you have already registered, don't feel like registering, or aren't a US citizen), you can create your own pixel avatar. The avatars all have a cute pixel art aesthetic and draw inspiration/parody a wide variety of pop culture icons. You can even give yourself octopus legs! It's a fun little thing and you can save your creation to use as a social media icon or just for funsies.


Don't forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!

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