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Code Vein's New Trailer Looks Like Dark Souls Mixed with Anime

Jack Gardner



Bandai Namco teased Code Vein back in April with a slickly animated teaser that conveyed the general idea of their upcoming game, but didn't show much of the in-game visuals. From that initial teaser, it seemed like Bandai Namco was trying to create an IP under its control since FromSoftware has stated that they are moving on from the Dark Souls series following the release of The Ringed City DLC. The published found a great deal of success with its God Eater games and the subsequent anime and light novel adaptations, so there was some speculation that the company might try their hand at doing something similar with a Souls-like game in Code Vein. Now the first proper trailer ha arrived to reveal what the vampiric title looks like in action.


Like many have speculated, Code Vein looks much like Bloodborne and the Souls series. The visual tone nails the bright, washed out look of Dark Souls, while the action seems to be more of the Bloodborne variety. Cryptic, heavy dialogue permeates the trailer, lending it a certain gravitas. The trailer very clearly shows that some kind of earth-shattering cataclysm has occurred, forever altering life on the planet. Cities are laced with jagged crystalline structures called the Thorns of Judgment. In the middle of the devastation caused by the sudden appearance of the Thorns, a remnant of civilization has survived. The final society, composed of powerful vampires called Revenants, has been dubbed Vein. Revenants exchange their memories for their great power. Vein's Revenant protectors must fight to satisfy their bloodlust and also to protect Vein from the Lost, shells of the world that once was now warped in the absence of their humanity.  


Using Gift-970.jpg


Players will be able to create their own characters in Project Vein, but don't worry about venturing into the ruins alone! Players can also enlist the aid of an AI companion (possible co-op opportunity?) from an in-game roster of helpers. These companions come with differing combat styles, stories, and can change the entire feel of encounters depending on which one is brought into the fray. Progressing in Code Vein means slaying enemies and then using their blood to empower attacks or weaken enemies. These blood veil enhancements can allow players to make use of various weapon abilities or charge destructive moves. Confirmed weapons so far consist of axes, spears, swords, bayonets, rifles, and claws. 


The anime influence of God Eater appears to be present, too. Some of the enemy designs and especially the human (erm, Revenant?) faces exhibit anime qualities. It's a little jarring with the other aspects of the presentation, but I'm eager to see more of it in action. More weirdness, please! 



Code Vein releases sometime in 2018.


Project Vein1-970.jpg

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