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Cloudhead Games Thinks It Has Solved VR Nausea

Jack Gardner


Through a new movement system designed to be compatible with VR and scalable to varying physical environment sizes, a collection of former BioWare and Relic developers at Cloudhead Games have announced their solution to the nauseous feeling some people experience when interacting with virtual reality environments. The Blink VR system provides a combination of ways that players can navigate virtual space: Cinematic Blink, Precision Blink, and Volume Blink. They claim that their system will lead to a 100% nausea free experience for everyone. If true, this could represent a big win for VR which has run into hurdles when it comes to programming accurate movement that doesn't induce motion sickness. Cloudhead goes more in-depth on their system and its various benefits for VR development in the video they released alongside their announcement.   

In addition to the system they designed for in-game movement, Cloudhead Games also designed a system that can operate in standing room around a desk, a wide open living room space, or an airplane hanger. The system calibrates to a given area and reflects the boundaries in-game with unobtrusive markers designating the real world space players have to work with. The system also tackles smaller problems, like how to simplify VR controls or even what happens when a player walks into a wall.

Cloudhead also took the opportunity to announce that they will be revealing the first episode of their four episode debut game called The Gallery: Call of the Starseed at PAX, August 28-31.The title will be a full VR experience and be the first game to make use of Blink for its navigation. Call of the Starseed will be the first commercially available VR title when it launches alongside the HTC Vive VR headset sometime this holiday season.  

While the technology looks impressive, are you sold on its nausea reducing abilities? What about the first VR game of the modern VR gold rush? Does it make you want to buy day one or will you be holding off to see what happens?

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