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Bowsette Becomes a Video Game Character

Jack Gardner



In case you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, Bowsette is all the rage. Following an announcement from Nintendo in early September that depicted a Toadette donning a pink "super crown" and transforming into Peachette, internet comic artist Haniwa posted a fateful strip. The comic showed both Bowser and Mario facing rejection at the hands of Peach before Bowser puts on the crown and appears to become Mario's girlfriend in the final panel. Since then, the internet seems to have gone crazy for the new character.


Despite the craze, which has been attributed by a bump in the stock value of Nintendo, the makers of Mario don't have much to say about the character as of yet. However, modders have now taken up the cause of bringing Bowsette into the wild world of video games. YouTuber and modder Lynard Killer, whose previous work includes modding Linkle into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, uploaded a video of Bowsette running around in the open world Legend of Zelda game. Her now iconic black dress blows somewhat realistically in the wind and reacts to different stance changes and environments. Much like Link in the unmodded game, Bowsette can also strip down to her underwear - because it is the internet and of course she can.



Overall, this is a pretty neat mod, though it's unclear if others can download it yet. 


Oh, and modders? Put Bowsette into Mario Odyssey because that would be freaking rad. 


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