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Blizzard Officially Ends Development on Next-Gen MMO Titan

Jack Gardner



After seven years in and out of development, Blizzard has decided to pull the plug on its MMO project Titan. 


Polygon broke the story today after publishing quotes from an interview with Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaine and Chris Metzen, the vice president of story and franchise development. The cancellation of Titan doesn't come as a huge shock in the wake of news that surfaced last year that Blizzard was going back to the drawing board yet again to reevaluate its investment into the new MMO. 


What does this move mean for Blizzard?


Well, not a whole lot. Technically, Blizzard never announced Titan. We don't even know if Titan was going to be the name of the finished game. For Blizzard, the cancellation of project Titan means a lot of wasted resources and time, but it also means the company can refocus on their other projects.


As for the public, we won't be seeing another MMO from Blizzard anytime soon, though World of Warcraft 2 is rumored to be in development. We might also expect to see games from different genres or entirely new IPs coming out of the studio. Though the death of Titan might be disappointing, it just means that Blizzard has something even more amazing up its sleeve. 

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