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Beyond Good & Evil 2 Reemerges With Stunning Cinematic Trailer

Marcus Stewart

BGE 2.jpg


After spending roughly a decade in secluded development, Beyond Good & Evil 2 made its grand return at the conclusion of Ubisoft's E3 media briefing. An emotional Michel Ancel took the stage to thank the fans for their continued support throughout the years and ran down the game's premise. 


Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a prequel story, set years before the birth of the previous game's hero, Jade. Set in System 3, described as a "multi-ethnic, multicultural, human society in a distant solar system," corporations create hybrids that they then enslave in order to compete in an arms race for colonization and cosmic resources. The eclectic cast of heroes will take part in a battle for the freedom to determine their own fate in the universe. 


The trailer shows a chimpanzee character named Knox swindling Zhou Yuzhu, a pig crime boss, out of a promised treasure, then escaping to meet up with a human partner. The two embark on a daring aerial chase from the city's police unit, who appear to be in Zhou's pocket.  



Ancel promised a "seamless online playground" for players to explore the mysteries of space, either alone or with friends. Visiting the game's website and registering for the Space Monkey program will grant players the chance to help influence Beyond Good & Evil 2's development. 


Beyond Good & Evil 2 still doesn't have a firm release window but the project appears to be coming along nicely which reassure fans. 

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You should listen to our podcast on it! There's a lot to love about it, even going back to ye olden game - it has cool things going on.


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11 hours ago, Jack Gardner said:

There is a limit to liking posts? O.O


Yup...only 15 a day... :(:(:( 

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