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Battletoads Returns With Full Reveal Trailer

Marcus Stewart



After coming to light last year via the teasiest of teasers, the new Battletoads game received its debut trailer during the 2019 Xbox E3 media briefing. Rash, Pimple, and Zit will bring their nostalgic flavor of beat em’ up fun exclusively to Microsoft’s console. 


Battletoads hasn’t had a proper sequel since Battletoads Arcade in 1994. That hasn’t stopped a dedicated sect of fans from keeping the dream alive (which includes pranking retail stores by requesting info on “the new Battletoads”). The possibility for a new game reignited in earnest 2013 when head of Xbox Phil Spencer expressed his affinity for the series and desire to see it return. In recent years, the Battletoads have made something of gradual comeback thanks to re-releases in Rare Replay as well as cameo appearances in Shovel Knight and Killer Instinct. 


3-player couch co-op stands as perhaps the most exciting and important feature of the new Battletoads. Players punch, kick, and lick their way to victory against a myriad of foes and bosses. Battletoads sports a vibrant hand-drawn look that resembles a Saturday morning cartoon. Absurd, over-the-top animations accentuate the style–get ready for oversized fist and exaggerated, Looney Toons-esque mallet strikes. The most humorous/terrifying part of the trailer is the confirmation of a high-speed hoverbike segment. This tip of the hat to a similar and notoriously difficult segment in Battletoads for NES should hopefully result in far less headaches. 



Battletoads doesn’t have a release window though 2019 seems to be the assumed window. It will launch on Xbox One and arrive on Xbox Game Pass on day one. While there’s no confirmation of a PC release, one would have to assume given the arrival of Game Pass to the platform. 


How do you think Battletoads’ return is shaping up? Let us know in the comments!


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