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Battle Colossal Ogres When Extinction Releases This April

Jack Gardner



Announced last year prior to its E3 debut, Extinction is a game about protecting humanity from the titular event at the hands of an army of gigantic, ravenous ogres known as the Ravenii. Players take on the role of Avil, an inhumanly dexterous magical swordsman known as a Sentinel who seems to be the only one capable of defeating the Ravenii. Using magic, cunning, and brute force, players will have to use the environment to gain the upper hand while dispatching the ogres and their minions. 


Now we finally know when Extinction will release. April 10, mark it on your calendars.


Iron Galaxy and Mobus Games are hoping that fans of action games and Attack on Titan will spur Extinction to success. It will release as a full $60 game with a deluxe edition that includes a season pass for $70. Those who want a season pass at a later date will be looking at $15.


There are also pre-order bonuses (because of course there are). Those who pre-order at Gamestop will receive two trials titled Last Legs and Heads, You Win. Best Buy offers the Short Fuse trial. PSN is offering the Double Trouble trial. Finally, Microsoft has the Brightsteel City trial. 



Get started on saving humanity on April 10 when Extinction launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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