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Bastion Free on Xbox One This Month for Those Who Own Xbox 360 Version

Jack Gardner



Supergiant Games announced that an overhauled version of Bastion, their highly acclaimed isometric action RPG, is now available on Xbox One. The new version runs in 1080p, an improvement over the 720p resolution of the original. It also includes the Stranger's Dream DLC, which was added to Bastion post-launch and builds on Rucks' backstory.


The Xbox One version isn't a mere port. Supergiant Games claims that the new iteration was built from the ground up to feel natural to the Xbox One. Since Supergiant Games is working on their 2017 title Pyre, the job of rebuilding Bastion fell to the Barcelona development studio Blitworks.



If you own Bastion for Xbox 360 already, good news! The title is free on Xbox One for everyone who owns the 360 version until January 1, 2017. Those who are looking to pick up Bastion on console for the first time will have to shell out $14.99.


The original Bastion launched on July 20, 2011. To date, the indie darling has sold over four million copies and garnered hundreds of awards for its art direction, music, voice work, and tight gameplay. Seriously, it might even be one of the best games of all-time. Due to its popularity, Bastion became the face of the indie game revolution for several years and made its way to almost every possible platform.

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Easily bumps out other games as my favorite. 


Just a masterwork of art, gameplay and storytelling (and a killer soundtrack to boot). So happy to have it on the Xbox One now. 

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