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Atari Plans to Open the Ataribox for Pre-Orders Tomorrow

Jack Gardner



Earlier this year, Atari announced its intention to enter back into the hardware game after a abandoning the field decades ago. That's all set to change soon with the release of their chosen device, the Ataribox. Atari has announced that pre-orders taken via an Indiegogo campaign will open tomorrow. 

Not much is currently known about the capabilities or support of the new console. We know from the initial announcement that the device sports four USB ports, an SD card reader, and an HDMI port. Atari has also stated that the Ataribox will be supporting classic Atari games as well as more "current content." Their website promises both new and old content on the device. 

Presumably more details will come alongside the launch of the pre-order campaign for the Ataribox - it would be very strange to offer pre-orders on a device with only vague claims about support for it! Those who sign up for the Indiegogo waiting list have a shot at grabbing a limited discount on the device. 

What do you think? Is the Ataribox something you're interested in or will you have to wait and see what it can do?

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