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Artists Come Together for Chrono Break Concept Teaser

Jack Gardner



This will likely make more than a few people both excited and sad, however it still needs to be seen just based on how gosh-darn cool it is! Simon S. Andersen, known for his pixel art and for creating the successful indie platformer Owlboy, creates game concept teasers for fun. His most recent one, in collaboration with composter Jonathan Geer, hits right in the nostalgia gut: A hypothetical sequel to Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross titled Chrono Break. 


The teaser throws the series back to the classic Chrono Trigger aesthetic, but plays around with a lot of different pixel effects and transitions to give it a "new" feeling. The trailer jumps around to different scenes, hinting at some kind of cataclysmic dragon, dramatic encounters, and a few old friends. 



It's actually kind of painful that this isn't a real game. Square Enix, get on with a new Chrono game already! Heck, maybe even give it to Simon and Co. since they clearly seem to have some cool ideas of what to do with the series. 

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