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Artist Creates Minecraft in Real Life

Jack Gardner



Indonesian artist Aditya Aryanto recently made some waves on social media for his new Anicube or Animal Cube style. Like the name implies, Aryanto takes pictures of animals and then turns them into what they might look like if they had more cube-like designs. It started as a personal project that the artist found amusing, but after uploading a few creations to Instagram, Aryanto discovered that those pictures delighted others, too.


Aryanto's process for creating the images was actually fairly simple. "I am interested in the cubical shape and trying to change some animal form into cubes," he explained, "First, I was afraid if it would be nicer than the original shape. I was really curious about the results, so I tried to find some funny animal pictures to be changed into Anicube." The artist put together the images together in a gallery under the title "Minecraft in real life (ANICUBE)" and they are all well worth the look. 




The result is a a plethora of strangely adorable animals that have been made into cubes. Perhaps the images give us an idea of what alternate reality animals might look like. Or they could just be a fun way to view life from a different perspective. Whatever the attraction, people can check out more of Aryanto's work here

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