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Arcade Mech-Shooter Brigador Gets Early Access Trailer

Jack Gardner


Brigador is an isometric, fast-paced shooter that has players taking command of various mechs with two very simple goals: Destroy the orbital guns that protect the outer colony of Solo Nobre and then escape the city. When the game launches in Early Access this October, players will have access to 15 playable vehicles and 25 weapons with which they can rain destruction across the city and its defenders. Indie developer Stellar Jockeys plans to double the number of weapons and vehicles before Brigador exits Early Access. Players can also select pilots from any of the three warring factions, each one with unique advantages when it comes to facing down overwhelming odds. Each successful escape earns in-game currency that can be used to purchase new pilots, vehicles, and weapons. 

Each level is different and requires a shift in tactics. Do you go in guns blazing and level the entire city (which you can do in Brigador's destructible environments)? Or do you adopt a more refined approach and only take out what's absolutely necessary? The choice is up to the player.

Planning on going to PAX Prime? Brigador will be there, too! Anyone who stops by Stellar Jockeys' booth will be able to get some hands on with a demo build of the title. Players who can successfully complete the demo contract will even be given a free copy of the game.


Brigador releases on Steam Early Access October 20.

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