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Animal Crossing's K. K. Slider Doesn't Wear Clothes

Jack Gardner




That being the case, every single other animal character in Animal Crossing wears some kind of clothing item. Sometimes they get a bit scandalous with a lack of pants or a simple apron in lieu of other clothing items, but they are almost never completely in the nude. I have to say "almost" because of one man- erm, one dog. 


Enter: K. K. Slider


The smooth groovin', cool dog, K. K. Slider, sure doesn't like wearing clothes. I mean, sure, he's a cartoon dog. I get that. However, showing up every week to flagrantly disregard the social conventions of your Animal Crossing town? That steers into some weird territory.


This enigmatic figure has been present in every single Animal Crossing title to date. Clearly a talented musician, the large noggin’ed Jack Russell terrier can play entire sets with just a guitar and some clever mouth noises that you wouldn't expect to come out of a dog, even a cartoon one. He shows up in a predetermined location every Saturday after 8pm and plays music until midnight, at which point he leaves to do... something. It's not really clear what Mr. Slider gets up to in his free time or his professional life. Perhaps things are better that way.


However, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, he works as a DJ from Friday through Sunday under the guise of DJ K. K., his very own Clark Kent-esque persona. While deep under cover, he does wear glasses and a yellow cap, so you might think those constitute enough clothing for an Animal Crossing game. It’s pretty obvious, though, that Slider lives for the moments when he takes to the stage on Saturday evenings from 8pm until midnight, clad in nothing but his own fur and a strategically positioned guitar.




I maintain that there are two distinct possibilities. In his quest to be as chill as possible, K. K. Slider might have misinterpreted a guitar as a piece of clothing. In a world of eccentric cartoon characters, that's certainly a something that could happen. However, while this clothing snafu might have been an accident at first, it’s unthinkable that no one has ever pulled him aside to explain that carrying a guitar around in lieu of a shirt or pants flies in the face of common Animal Crossing decency.


With the statistical unlikeliness of no one bringing up that subject, that leaves one possibility: He likes it. Putting his nudity on constant display alongside his immense musical talents seems to be how he enjoys himself, but he absolutely knows it’s a social taboo. Why else would his incredibly transparent disguise as DJ K. K. include accessories? It all adds up to this cartoon dog either being more risque than anyone ever imagined or the source of his musical talent depends on his disrobed state.




For the record, there’s nothing wrong about K. K. Slider not wearing clothes, it’s just rude to those around him who didn’t consent to that kind of social contract.



Also, Go K. K. Rider! is his best song. Fite me. (Really, that was the point of this hard hitting think piece, anyway.)


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