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Alien Invasion Kickstarter Board Game Chronicle X Proves to be Enormously Successful

Jack Gardner



The Kickstarter for Chronicle X is in the process of winding down. The tactical board game currently sits at a little over $450,000, more than ten times its initial goal of $40,000. The project captured the imagination of board game enthusiasts with its gripping conflict between a group of players controlling branches of the Chronicle X military organization and the Overmind, an alien overlord controlling the forces bent on conquering Earth. Archon Studio heads the development on Chronicle X, making this Kickstarter the second game they've produced. Their previous game, Vanguard of War, a relatively well-received tabletop that also found crowdfunding success. 


Gameplay revolves around players controlling heroes who have access to special abilities and equipment. Players take turns trying to outsmart the opposing side. As the heroes take damage, their other capabilities will decrease, making every action and reaction count and placing a great deal of importance to characters capable of healing. combat takes place on a map composed of four tiles that offer different terrain and features that control the flow of battle. The Overmind player controls the various aliens that populate each of the tiles, working to destroy Chronicle X. Players will be able to work together between missions to build a base with different upgrades that can be used both between and during missions. 



The turn-based board game offers an impressive array of miniatures made of a specialized material that maximizes quality and comes in a single piece to avoid assembly mishaps. To give you a sense of scale, the miniatures generally stand 32mm tall with some reaching 80mm. 


The folks at Archon Studio have even offered a money-back guarantee for Chronicle X - if players don't enjoy their time with the game, they are prepared to refund. If the change of heart happens within 60 days of the crowdfunding campaign coming to a close, the company will refund in full. If it takes longer to feel unhappy with the game, but before the game ships out, they'll refund the amount pledged minus Kickstarter's processing fees. After it ships, if players are not satisfied within 14 days of receiving Chronicle X, Archon Studio will still refund the pledge.


Overall, Chronicle X looks like a really fun tabletop game for a decently sized group of friends. You can back the Kickstarter until tomorrow to nab some nifty bonuses. 



What do you think? Is this a game you'd be interested in playing?

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