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After Almost a Decade One of Sega's Most Popular Mech Arcade Series Comes to Console

Jack Gardner



Sega has had a long-running series of arcade titles in Japan that have players piloting mechs through tense battles. The series, titled Border Break, got its start in 2009 and will finally see a console release later this year as a free-to-play game with microtransactions involving in-game items. Unfortunately, for now it seems that Border Break will be limited to the Japanese market, but an English localization isn't out of the question. 


Border Break focuses on 10v10 mech battles across a variety of maps. Each mech can be customized for visual flair and new stats. There are four main weapon types for players to learn and specialize in: Assault (for a balance between mobility and firepower), Heavy Fire (for firepower), Raid (for pure firepower at a cost), and Support (for healing and light damage). Battles can be against the computer, casually against other players, or in ranked matches for honor and glory.


How microtransactions will affect the game remain to be seen. Given that Border Break seems to offer a great deal of customization for individual mechs, it's not out of the question that certain parts or upgrades could be locked behind a paywall. It might also fall into the camp of cosmetic payments. For now, it's pretty exciting that Sega has decided on a console release.


A story mode also makes its debut in the console release. Border Break will tell the tale of a young woman named Hati who desires revenge as she pilots her mech against, among others, Managar, a crack ace. The story details have been left somewhat vague, but we know that Hati will be assisted by a woman named Mikoto and that the cast will be quite expansive beyond those three. The cast will be filled out with characters created by a pool of popular Japanese illustrators.  



Overall, Border Break looks like a really interesting project that would be awesome to see come to the West, especially if the microtransactions prove to be unobtrusive. We can always use more mech action! Border Break will release sometime later this year.

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1 hour ago, Jack Gardner said:

I'm automatically suspicious of anyone who isn't intrigued by giant mechs <3

No neeed!! Supremely intrigued!! ;0 ;~)


o/  ;)

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