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A Teaser for the Sonic the Hedgehog Film Played in Brazil

Jack Gardner



According to Brazilian entertainment website PremierLine, Paramount Pictures debuted a teaser trailer for the upcoming 2019 Sonic the Hedgehog film at the São Paulo Comic Con. The teaser hasn't quite made its way online just yet, though there are some interesting details from PremierLine's account of both the teaser itself and the audience reaction to it.


The teaser begins with a close up on the face of Sonic which the site compares to the stylings of the upcoming Detective Pikachu film. It's "textured and realistic" which... I'm not sure if that's what fans of Sonic the Hedgehog are looking for in their zippy hero flick, but maybe I'm off-base with that assessment. After the close up, Sonic begins running and breaks the sound barrier with a boom to conclude the teaser.


It's not much to go on. Interestingly, the PremierLine describes the audience as "agitated" which doesn't sound good. However, that could also be a poor translation, so we'll have to wait and see for ourselves. Supposedly the teaser will drop for other regions later today.


The Sonic the Hedgehog film will be hitting the big screen on November 8, 2019.  


Is a realistically styled Sonic the Hedgehog something you want in your live-action Sonic film? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.


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