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A New N64 Game Releasing in September

Jack Gardner



Kickstarter is a wonderful thing for niche projects and it doesn't get more niche in video games than bringing a cancelled N64 game back from the dead for a fresh release. Piko Interactive is a small company that focuses on bringing obscure homebrew titles to retro consoles and resurrecting cancelled games. They've set their sights on bringing the action-adventure game 40 Winks to the Nintendo 64, a goal which would make it the first game released for the console since it was discontinued in 2003! If you've been hungry for a new N64 adventure for the past 15 years, then this one goes out to you.


If the name 40 Winks sounds familiar to you, that's because the title actually did see a release on the original PlayStation. A port to the N64 had been planned, but was ultimately scrapped due to financial problems that plagued its development. The game is about a cranky old man named Nitecap who curses the magical winks, making them into hoodwinks. Two kids, Ruff and Tumble, embark on a quest to rescue the winks and free themselves of the horrible nightmares that have plagued them since Nitecap's curse. 


Ruff and Tumble have to journey through several different worlds made up of fantastic dreamscapes inhabited by various monsters and peppered with dangers. Luckily, they have the help of a wide array of transformations that give them various abilities. They can become monsters, superheroes, ninjas, among other forms. 


Unique to the N64 version will be a two player co-op mode that never materialized on the original PlayStation version.  



The Kickstarter set out with a goal of $20,000 and has currently amassed over $40,000 with almost a month left for the campaign to continue raising funds. If they manage to reach $60,000, a distinct possibility, Piko Interactive will put together a 40 Winks controller that backers of the special edition tier or above will receive for free. Two additional stretch goals remain a mystery.


It's always really amazing to see so many people get passionate about old and forgotten games. Are there any cancelled games you'd like to see come out on their original console?  

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