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A New Binding of Isaac Expansion Hits Next Month

Jack Gardner



The Binding of Isaac is getting yet another expansion with The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+! If you think that expansion seems familiar, that's probably because the name is exactly the same as the previous expansion, but this time it has a plus sign after it. That plus sign comes with a whole lot of extra content, however. 


Those who pick up Afterbirth+ will get a slew of new goodies to freshen up their Binding of Isaac experience. The $9.99 pack brings full access mod tools for players who want to make their own new additions to The Binding of Isaac. It also comes with 67 new items, 27 new equippables, and over 10 new power-ups. There's also an entire additional chapter with a new final boss, playable character, 62 achievements, an overhauled greed mode, brand new music and cutscenes, and hundreds of new rooms to freshen up the rogue-like experience of running Isaac's dungeons. A new "victory lap" feature lets players continue playing the game after they have defeated the final boss. Heck, have you ever wondered about the creatures you encounter throughout The Binding of Isaac? Afterbirth+ introduces a bestiary that tracks all of the creatures killed in-game.


Edmund McMillen has also promised to provide monthly updates for the expansion post-release with both his own content and the best fan creations.    



Those who own the previous Afterbirth expansion will be able to purchase the + for a discounted $6.66. Afterbirth+ releases for PC on January 3 next year, and later during Spring 2017 for consoles.

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