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A Bunny Conquers Bloodborne's First Boss

Jack Gardner



Brazilian Twitch streamer Luality has been on an epic quest (or at the very least a sidequest) to see what her pet bunny can accomplish in the PS4 action-RPG Bloodborne. If you're wondering how exactly a bunny might play through an action-RPG known for its difficulty, the answer seems to be, "not well, but well enough to win." With significant coaxing, the little rabbit hops around on a repurposed Dance Dance Revolution dance pad to laboriously move its in-game avatar. 


The project kicked off with the attempt to kill a single enemy about a week ago, with the deadly encounter lasting under a minute. However, the next logical challenge was going toe-to-toe with the Cleric Beast, Bloodborne's first boss. The fight seemingly took place on a New Game + character that possessed a large amount of health and a weapon only obtainable later on in the game. So, capable of taking numerous hits, beast fought Beast. Take a look at their tense (and adorable) battle below:



Amazing and inspiring. Good job, bunny! ❤️


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