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2014 LA Film Festival Adds Let's Plays

Jack Gardner



For the first time ever, the Los Angeles Film Festival will be including Let's Plays as their own interactive section.


Games from numerous genres and commentators approaching those games from different angles will be featured. Prominent games/commentators include:


140: Techno Buffalo – GAME DEVELOPER Jeppe Carlsen  LET’S PLAY CREATOR Jon Rettinger


Happy Wheels: Captain Sparklez – GAME DEVELOPER Jim Bonacci LET’S PLAY CREATOR Jordan Maron


Illusion-Ghost Killer: Nilesy – GAME DEVELOPER Incrible Games LET’S PLAY CREATOR Liam J. Mackay


McPixel: Cupquake– GAME DEVELOPER Mikolaj "Sos" Kaminski  LET’S PLAY CREATOR Tiffany Herrera


Mount Your Friends: Inside Gaming – GAME DEVELOPER Daniel Steger LET’S PLAY CREATORS James Willems, Bruce Greene, Adam Kovic


Proteus: Nerd Cubed – GAME DEVELOPERS Ed Key & David Kanaga LET’S PLAY CREATOR Daniel Hardcastle


Slender the Arrival: Game Society Pimps – GAME DEVELOPER Blue Isles Studios Inc.  LET’S PLAY CREATOR Aaron Yonda


Stick it to the Man: Gadget Girl Kylie – GAME DEVELOPERS Zoink! Studios & Ripstone Games  LET’S PLAY CREATOR Gadget Girl Kylie


The Stanley Parable: Toby Games – GAME DEVELOPER Davey Wreden LET’S PLAY CREATOR Toby Turner


After the screenings, there will be a Q&A session held by a collection of developers and commentators. The festival is being held from June 11-19.

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