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Toppling My Fantastical Enemies In Mobile RTS War Clash

Marcus Stewart

War Clash Screen 1.jpg


War Clash by MeoGames pits armies of antlered humans, owl-warriors, and other crazy creatures against each other in a blend of real-time strategy with tower defense. The colorful fantasy title features a varied cast of characters, while emphasizing versatile gameplay, in hopes of making a splash in the sea of mobile games. To find out how the game was shaping up, I strapped on my general’s helmet and led my troops through a full battle during E3. 


A single battle in War Clash lasts between 8 to 10 minutes. That feels like a good length for relaxed sessions but perhaps too long to squeeze in quick rounds on the go. The ebb and flow of skirmishes consists of fighting down lanes, destroying defenses along the way, and toppling the enemy’s spawn point for victory This won’t be new to veterans of the genre. For rookies like myself, however, War Clash proved enjoyable and, more importantly, easy to grasp. 


I have limited RTS experience but the simplified touch controls helped ease me in. Building bases and guiding units was a simple as tapping the screen. After sprouting some archers and swordsmen, I took the fight to my AI opponent. It felt satisfying to watch my tiny minions gradually overcome their adversaries. I eventually earned enough resources to unlock a Hero unit. These powerful, and significantly larger, warriors can quickly turn the tide of battle. I summoned a female hero who wasted no time laying waste to anyone unlucky enough to cross her path. Other units include scouts that can travel ahead to reveal enemies hidden under a shadowy blanket. 


War Clash Screen 2.jpg


War Clash emphasizes evolving strategy by mixing up army loadouts. It offers a myriad of stylized fantasy races to build armies from, including dragons, bear warriors, and sentient trees. MeoGames recommend players not only create formations based on their own strengths but that also counteract their opponent’s. Of course, you can always just pick the creatures that look the coolest; I’m partial to the fighting bears myself. 


Player have several modes of play to choose from. A single-player campaign guides players through the intricacies of battle, making it an ideal destination for first-timers. Battle Mode pits human players across the globe against each other in either 1-on-1 or 3-on-3 encounters. Skilled players can climb the ladder in the ranked Colosseum mode. Additionally, players can form guilds to play with friends.


The game is completely free-to-play, and MeoGames stresses that unlike some other titles, War Clash won’t be pay-to-win. Instead, the game relies on paid cosmetic items, such as new outfits/equipment, to make its money back. These optional charges allow for high level of customization, giving players license to create distinct-looking armies.


War Clash Screen 3.jpg


Overall, I had a good time with War Clash. You’d never mistake me for an RTS diehard, but I found myself entering a fun groove toward the end of my session. Whether or not it can make a dent in the seemingly impenetrable mobile market remains to be seen. But if you’re a RTS fan in need of a fix, I think War Clash is worth giving a look when it launches in July for iOS and Android devices.


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