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Strange Brigade Is the Homage to Adventure Films That We Never Knew We Needed

Naomi N. Lugo

Strange Brigade Preview.jpg


Immediately, Strange Brigade establishes the kind of game it wants to be. There’s a delightful narrator guiding your way and describing the various baddies you’re about to face. Those enemies materialize in the form of a deluge of classic movie/Skull Island monsters. Our heroes fight threats to civilization itself in a 1930’s “safari into danger.” It’s marvelously over the top and an homage to the films of yesteryear and adventure itself.

At E3 2017 I got the chance to demo Strange Brigade in its early form. While playing, I spoke with the the developers about the film influences behind it as well as the tone they were going for. Movie series like Indiana Jones and The Mummy were cited, as well as the bold stylings of Saturday Matinee. Strange Brigade is not meant to be taken too seriously, and the devs stressed the mix of action, comedy and spookiness to create the ongoing atmosphere of an "upbeat action adventure."



The map I played had a mixture of ruins with tombs and a whole lot of mummies and other undead. Puzzle elements were present with secret areas with extra loot to be found. Gameplay will be enjoyable for those well versed in taking on many enemies and finding creative ways to destroy waves of ‘em. I played solo, but could see the appeal of co-op.

Strange Brigade may prove to be a game without any extraordinarily unique features, but the attention to aesthetic detail will keep it fun. It’s thoroughly charming, and the focus on co-op for up to four players will extend its playability.


We don’t have a release date yet for Strange Brigade, but it will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. 

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