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RealmPictures' Real Life Hitman Game Is Pretty Wild

Jack Gardner



Have you ever wanted to play a game that actually responded to voice commands? Well, RealmStudios has been accruing some experience making games that do just that over the past several months. The indie film channel hit upon a brilliant idea last year when it released the video Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette Version), a piece of experimental filmmaking/game design that allowed random people on Chatroulette to give commands to a protagonist armed with a helmet cam. The results were really interesting, hilarious, and looked terribly fun.



Following the massive popularity of RealmPictures' Chatroulette game/video, a certain game studio reached out to see if they would be interested in partnering for a similar, bigger budget project. That studio was IO-Interactive, the developers behind Hitman. RealmPictures was able to go all out, setting up a room where YouTubers from various parts of the internet could act as Agent 47's operator, giving him instructions through an ear piece and view his progress toward fulfilling his objectives around a fancy mansion. It's a pretty wild ride full of creative kills and goofs. 



The episodic Hitman season began on March 11 and the second episode will release on April 26 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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