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How Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! Carves a Fond Place in My Heart

Marcus Stewart

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Prior to PAX South 2017, I never expected a game about cutting apart sentient shapes to sell me on the Nintendo Switch more effectively than Splatoon 2 or Arms. But after getting my hands on Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Together!, I came away charmed and eager to play more of the Nintendo’s ingenious puzzler. Not only does the title perform well as a puzzle game, it effectively sells the enjoyment of mobile, cooperative gaming that Nintendo has been angling the Switch to promote.

I’m a sucker for cooperative puzzle games so I took to Snipperclips almost immediately. Two players, each using one JoyCon controller, command a pair of cute paper characters to solve riddles in tandem. At its simplest, puzzles may require players to fill the outline of a shape, like a heart, by positioning inside of it in the correct manner. Seems relatively easy, right?

Gameplay takes a turn for the interesting with the unique cutting mechanic. By overlapping characters, players can a piece out of each other to create new shapes. It’s a neat and intuitive mechanic that promotes creative thinking and constant communication. How can I slice you so you’ll fit into that narrow hole? What’s the best shape for transporting this tire across the track? Players will need to work together to effectively address these questions and solve levels.

Snipplerclips 2.jpg

The straightforward puzzles presented challenge and fun by providing me and my partner methods to solve them. As long as the end goal is achieved, execution can be whatever the players dream up. One level tasked the two of us to shoot a basketball into a hoop. Our solution was to cut a hole into my character for the ball to rest in, then have me jump atop my buddy’s head. Next, a synchronized jump launched the ball through the bottom of the hoop, causing it to fall back through from above. To our surprise and delight, our improvised scheme worked. I love puzzles games that allow freedom and flexibility in resolution, and Snipperclips certainly seems to be one of those games.

The bite-sized riddles are enjoyable to crack and can be knocked out relatively quickly, making them ideal for quick sessions with a friend. If the final package features a robust set of puzzles or receives support in the form of new levels post-launch, I could see myself returning to it regularly. My only complaint stems from the hardware itself. Playing with a sideways JoyCon isn’t the most comfortable set-up in the world and could hamper extended sessions. But with an inventive mechanic and boatloads of charm, Snipperclips cuts a place for itself as my favorite Switch title not named The Legend of Zelda.

Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Together! releases sometime in March 2017 after the Nintendo Switch hits the market on March 3.

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