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Five Ways to Play Pokémon Go for the Kids

Jack Gardner



Chances are you are either playing Pokémon Go or can’t seem to find people who aren’t playing Pokémon Go. People can’t seem to get enough Rattatas or Pidgeys. However, did you know that you can catch Pokémon while also helping your kids at the same time? If you’re playing Pokémon Go (which, let’s be real, you are), here are a few ways to play and benefit your local children’s hospital:


  • Become a human billboard and wear your Extra Life t-shirt with pride while out hunting. You could also sport a Miracle Band (which you can snag for free). Use these as an ice breaker. “Why am I wearing this? Let me tell you a thing or two about Extra Life….”
  • Drop off lures for the pediatric patients at your local children’s hospital. Kids in hospitals want to play Pokémon Go, too. Wait! Before you do this, ask. Make sure to communicate with the hospital’s security team and your local program director. While your intentions might be good, HIPPA and safety are extremely important factors to consider. If dropping off lures at the hospital isn’t an option, leave them at Dairy Queen locations on Thursday, July 28 for #MiracleTreatDay.
  • When you meet new people around a gym or PokéStop, don’t be afraid to bring up Extra Life, invite them to a Guild meeting, or even your marathon event. Chances are Pokémon Go isn’t the only game they enjoy playing!
  • Organize a PokéWalk with members of your community to raise awareness of Extra Life. The Albany Guild in New York recently organized a PokéWalk of their own and recruited — drumroll, please — 130 new Extra Lifers! If you are interested in organizing one at a park, be sure to talk with your local parks director to learn more about the rules and regulations of the particular area.
  • Reach out to local businesses along your walking route, local PokéStops, or near your gyms. If they are already offering special deals for Pokémon Go players or seeing m more traffic from players, they might be more receptive to joining or supporting Extra Life in some way.


Pokémon Go has brought people together in new and fascinating ways. What better way to enjoy the game than to bring Extra Life with you when you meet other people who are playing? Let’s get out there, have fun, and fight for the kids.  

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