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Why I Extra Life: Tim



Hey, my name is Tim the Asian.


Gaming has always been a big part of my life. I first got involved with raising money for Extra Life by putting together the event for my group Guns of the Helghast. It was free and easy to do.



This year I'll probably be playing hack//last recode Destiny 2, Killzone Shadowfall, and more. I will be playing for John's Hopkins All Children's Hospital. And this will be my first year playing in Florida. But, second time as a participant.

So, come check me out on Twitch.tv/jiin_kun or over on Twitter @timtheasianinc.


This post was submitted through Extra Life's Why I Extra Life by Extra Lifer Tim Horton playing for Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. You can learn more about Extra Life at extra-life.org

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