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"I know how patients feel because I was right there with them. This is why I Extra Life."



When I was little, I was always in and out of the ICU due to my bad asthma. I remember there being a small game room, back in the day, at Arkansas Children's Hospital. When I was able to leave my room, I would go there every chance I got.


Just being able to leave my hospital bed, and get in an hour or two of gaming on their NES and SNES helped just as much as the care the doctors were giving.


When I found out about Extra Life after moving to Texas, memories of that tiny game room flooded back. All I could think about was how that helped me, even when I was close to death's door. I knew I had to be a part of this. I wanted, no, I had to help and do my part! Extra Life helps kids in need. I know how they feel because I was right there with them. This is why I Extra Life.




This post was submitted through Extra Life's Why I Extra Life by Extra Lifer Zander Price playing for Texas Children's Hospital. You can learn more about Extra Life at extra-life.org

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