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Humble Bundle Raised a Stunning Amount by Making Extra Life Their Featured Charity in March

Jack Gardner

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Back in March, we were incredibly excited to announce that Humble Bundle had chosen to work with Extra Life to hold us up as their featured charity for the entire month. From March 1st - April 3rd, Extra Lifers and gamers in general frequented Humble Bundle's site to find crazy deals on video games, tabletop RPGs, and literature. Each of the default purchases made during that time helped to raise money for Extra Life, helping the 10 million families who pass through the doors of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals each year. Finally, the results are in and we know how much Humble Bundle enabled all of you to help raise over the course of March,


The March partnership between Extra Life and Humble Bundle brought in a hair under $600,000. That is amazing! We even put together a little video from Benjamin Burke, one of the kids who has been helped by Extra Life while battling cancer. Donations made it possible for Benjamin to receive the best care possible, even bringing in school services to make sure he didn't fall behind on his school work. Benjamin is far from the only child helped by the funds raised by Extra Life participants and our corporate partnerships, and almost $600,000 will do an awful lot to help kids across the United States and Canada to receive the best hospital care available. 


Of course, just because March is done doesn't mean that you can't help raise more money through Humble Bundle purchases! If you use Extra Life's affiliate link when you head to the Humble Bundle website, 5% of everything you buy will go toward Extra Life's mission of healing kids. It's really easy. To get started, just copy and paste the following link into your browser and  buy that game or bundle that you've been eyeing for a while:



Humble Bundle has been a beacon of hope in an industry that can often seem to be drowning in cynicism. Through its fundraising efforts and split revenue/donation model, Humble Bundle has raised over $146,000,000 for all kinds of great causes. That money has gone to help save endangered animals, revitalized failing habitats, build homes, save lives in disasters, and, of course, help kids from all walks of life get the care they need to receive all of the care they need to live healthy and happy lives. You can learn more about their full operations just by looking over all of Humble Bundle's previous charity partners. We at Extra Life are honored to be able to count ourselves among those charities.


Thank you so much, Humble Bundle! Let's do this again real soon. 


Please join Extra Life in making a difference for the kids and families who seek help at your local children’s hospital.

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