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Extra Life August 2017 Newsletter


Hey Extra Lifers!


What an August! We’ve rolled out a number of improvements to the website based on feedback from all of you. New mobile fundraising tools have been released to arm you all with the best features available. And as of this email, over 19,000 people have registered to play games and heal kids this year! 



New Website


A brand spankin’ new website has been launched! To improve the design, we took into account the community feedback we’ve received and rigorously tested the results. Fundraising pages have been reformatted to clearly define Extra Life’s mission and how donations help kids. The registration process has been streamlined, too! More improvements will be coming in the future. Check out all of the new features of the new website here!



Mobile Fundraising


New tools have been added to the Extra Life mobile fundraising app! For fundraising on-the-go, people can now donate via Apple Quick Pay and PayPal One Touch. Check out all of the app’s new features (and even manage your Extra Life team!) in the app store here.  





Tabletop Appreciation Weekend


The third annual Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend approaches! On Saturday, September 23, we will be kicking off the event to highlight all of our wonderful tabletop gamers. Let’s all give a shout out to all of them for their relentless support of their hospitals and kids! Share pictures of your events and use #EXTRALIFEtabletop so we can show the world what tabletop gaming is all about! 




Numbers Update


We’ve passed 19,000 participants and get closer to 20K every day! Remember that 62 kids enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital EVERY MINUTE, so in the time it took to read this announcement, a child has probably entered your local children’s hospital in need of help. Get your friends involved in Extra Life, and let’s set a new fundraising record this year!





The Extra Life community has been coming together in a truly wonderful way in 2017. You’re showing the world what makes Extra Life so great, whether that’s by getting a group of friends to play tabletop games or by surpassing your fundraising goal and gunning for more. Let’s all keep that energy going by pushing forward for fun, fellowship, and – as alwaysFor The Kids.

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