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Calling All Community Writers!


Do you have a strong opinion about the video game industry? How about a story you would like to share about how Extra Life has touched you or your family's lives? Well, we are excited to announce that we are opening up the floodgates to whatever type of written content you would like to submit. 


While we are open to submissions from anyone about (mostly) anything, there are going to be a few guidelines. At the bottom of this article, you'll find a link to our submission form. Please fill this out as completely as you can. We're requiring that everyone who wishes to submit community content provides a writing sample along with their content pitch. Writing samples can be about anything as long as they show off your mastery of the written language. As for what you can pitch, feel free to pitch anything, though you will probably have a better shot at being approved if you stick to topics related to Extra Life or gaming. We also want to avoid articles that retread ground we've covered in the past, so the more unique your idea, the better.


We'll review all submissions and get in contact with you if we feel that your pitch has sufficient merit. After that, we'll work with you to get your article on the site and share it with the Extra Life community.

To find our submission form, go to

Good luck and happy writing!


UPDATE: Many people have been wondering about any requirements for finished articles that we may have. Here are our tentative preferences after the first week of submissions:


- We are generally looking for meatier features. Consider 700 your minimum word count with 900+ being ideal. If you have a good reason to write something shorter (example: a collection of video game-inspired haikus) we're flexible.


- Your finished article should be submitted in Microsoft Word or a similar, compatible program such as Google Docs.


- Try to avoid being intentionally provocative, inflammatory, or disrespectful. That is not what Extra Life is about.


Also, as far as submissions are concerned, please be specific in your pitch about what topic you are interested in pursuing. Avoid saying "anything related to video games" as your topic, because that is about as unspecific as you can get.


Again, good luck and happy brainstorming/submitting!

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