Stronger Together: How to Create/Join a Team


How to Create/Join a Team


Creating and joining a team is a great way to work together towards an incredible goal; helping sick and injured kids! When you initially sign up for Extra Life, you have the option to create your team alongside your individual registration! That's definitely the easiest way to get your team created. However, if you've already joined Extra Life and you've decided to create a team, we can help!


As a team, you’ll be able to see the direct impact your team makes on sick and injured kids by tracking the number of people you recruit and how much your teammates have raised. Each team will receive a team page and the team captain will be able to set the team goal. Keep in mind that since teams are made up of individual Extra Lifers, it’s possible that a team will benefit different hospitals. 


Head to the Dashboard

Log into your Extra Life account and head to the "Dashboard" > "Change Team Membership"


Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 5.png


Create (or Join) a Team


From the dropdown menu, select "Create a new Team". 


Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 5.png


Add the details of your team


Fill out the "Team Name" and "Team Fundraising" goal. Your team donation total is an aggregates your individual team member donations. Also, since each individual can select different hospitals, your team might represent Children's Miracle Network Hospitals from across the US, Canada or Puerto Rico!


Add a team goal, make it challenge but reasonable! For "Team Type" select "Extra Life Team". 

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 5.png


You're the Captain now...

Now that you have your team, you'll want to head over and learn the basics for being the best Extra Life Captain you can be. Lead your team to victory, #ForTheKids!




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